Mission & Objectives

Mission: Searching to understand what is behind the evidence.

We seek to find meanings in different patterns that repeat throughout nature at all scales: from molecular through tissues, individuals, ecosystems, to economy and cultures.

Vision Statement: Bringing a new vitality in multiple knowledge fields, where the typical reductionist strategies have fallen short.

The development of a methodology based on understanding qualitative-quantitative-correlative relationships will allow maximizing people’s potential and developing the ability to cope with an evolving world of increasing complexity.


At the social level, the most important measure that needs to be implemented, both locally and globally, is the improvement of collaboration between people. Therefore, the main objective of HKRDI is creating a network of professionals, characterized by performance and interoperability, with high competences, that self-organize in structures in order to solve natural and human crises.

Creating the premises for developing a knowledge based society that generates, shares and uses knowledge to maintain humanity, nature and technology in optimum conditions.

Through the understanding of how different systems grow and perform well, we seek to contribute and improve the educational systems. HKRDI provides online courses for continuing education related to specific needs, developed with our collaborators.