The Art of Thinking Course (2020)

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We live in a complicated period in which science and technology have developed a lot in many directions, but most of the people still think like 3000 years ago. Linear thinking continues to be the cause of decisions that are leading to environment damage and which are generating corrupt and/or vicious social structures. There is still no viable alternative to improve this.

This course is dedicated for developing and understanding the logic of life, including the human potential which can allow understanding reality and discovering solutions to all current and future problems and crises.

Using the right instruments of thinking and analysis will allow a clearer and more intimate understanding of the structure of the universe, matter, human intelligence and of other species. These instruments will help project a sustainable future, to discover other types of noninvasive technologies, to recreate the social and environmental balance with precise instruments and clear programmes, all leading to better decisions in every situation.

Mention: This course will also be useful to those working in business and management. Everything related to decisions and thinking.

This course is dedicated to those wanting to understand the complex realities and mechanisms of the complexity domain, or to those wanting to learn to think and analyze at a different level, using better instruments.

(We thank Hyperion for their support with this course.)

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